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From the people of All Souls Church

Brad Carter

I first visited All Souls 12 years ago shortly after moving to Knoxville. I was interested in a church near downtown. I had some friends suggest I visit, and I read about All Souls on the internet as a [...]

Mark and Elizabeth Costantino

Elizabeth, on behalf of her family:  I have been at All Souls for since 2012 and Mark since 2014. My sister and brother-in-law were members and they invited me to visit a service at the World’s Fair Park when [...]

Linda Hamilton

I found ASC at a time when I was just about ready to give up on church, convinced that "something is missing" feeling would never be relieved by organized religion.  My daughter had a friend who visited ASC right [...]

Roxie Moore

I was drawn to All Souls about 9-10 years ago by a friend who suggested it might be a good fit for me as a new church in my life. Here at All Souls I quickly realized that there [...]

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