Elizabeth, on behalf of her family:  I have been at All Souls for since 2012 and Mark since 2014. My sister and brother-in-law were members and they invited me to visit a service at the World’s Fair Park when it was the All Souls location. After visiting over the years, I made the commitment to join All Souls, which was by then at 4MS. Mark started attending when he and I were dating and decided to call it our home church together.

We chose to become part of All Souls for several reasons.  Doug’s sermons are so unique and thought provoking. It also has a deep sense of community, and you don’t get lost in the crowd like you do in some of the larger churches.

We’ve been a part of the same small group since 2015. Mark has been in a men’s group since that time as well. It’s an important part of our community that now includes our young daughter.

We participate in the Christmas KARM gathering yearly where we all sing and share food and community together. We also lived in Old North for 6 years and saw what the downtown area was like to live in. We also try to be a good presence in our workplace since it impacts everyone around us daily.

All Souls is one of a kind. The community and sermons are unique, and it can be your next home no matter what your background is.