at All Souls Church

At All Souls Church, we lead in the service of God and on behalf of the members of our church. We are a people-driven, staff-led, shepherd-guided church. We choose leaders on the basis of gifting and not gender. All positions of leadership at All Souls Church are open to both women and men. Gender neither qualifies nor disqualifies any individual from holding positions of authority in our church.

Shepherd-Guided: Our shepherds oversee the church by setting the goal lines, or guard rails, to protect the body while empowering the staff to implement the vision.

Staff-Led: Organizational and operational functions are delegated to the staff and directed by the lead pastor.

People-Driven: All Souls people lead in every part of our church.  We honor the passions, gifts, and contributions of the people in our church and believe one of the best ways to get connected with others in the church family is to serve in some capacity.

Phil Aud

Lead Pastor

Melanie Leach

Children’s Ministry Director

Marisa Aud

Pastor of Liturgical Practice and Pastoral Care


Office Manager


Judy Pate

Steve Cottrell

Justin Phillips

Adrian Gonzalez

Lisa Scott

Samantha Buller-Young