Visiting a church shouldn’t be intimidating or confusing!

Let’s face it, visiting a church for the first time can be a little intimidating. Our goal is to help make your first visit to All Souls Church a positive experience and help you make a connection with Jesus and with our people!

We hope the frequently asked questions below will help remove any lingering doubts as you plan a visit to All Souls.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a liturgical and sacramental church that worships in both ancient and contemporary ways.  We are led in the worship service by our Pastor of Worship and the Arts, Matt Spainhour, and our Senior Pastor, Doug Banister.

Liturgy means “the work of the people” and everyone else who participates in the leading of the worship service is a lay leader, from the worship band to the greeters to the A/V technicians.  Our worship service is participatory.  We sing and read together with lyrics and text projected on a large screen at the front of the Sanctuary.  We pass the peace of Christ to each other.  We recite the Lord’s Prayer together.  We believe giving of offerings is an act of worship and each week we offer a chance for people to engage in worship through giving.

The teaching of the Word is Biblically-based with real application to daily life.  We are sacramental in that every part of our worship service is leading us to the Lord’s table and we end each worship service by coming forward to the Lord’s table for the Eucharist.  Our table is open to all who desire to follow Christ.

Please dress casually and comfortably.

Options: Our parking lot on the west side of the main building at the end of King St. · Street parking on Fifth Avenue · Either side of the MAC Building · Our parking on the east side of the main building and follow sidewalk along Fifth and down King.  Enter on the West (King Street) side of the main building.

As you enter All Souls Building, there will be a greeter to welcome you.  Be sure to tell them you’re visiting for the first time and need to know where to go next, especially if you have children. We will not single you out as a first-time guest.  We hope you will feel welcomed by those around you, and we also hope you will welcome others, as those sitting around you may also be a guest.

Masks are optional and persons may choose to mask at any time.  We urge the All Souls Church community to support each person’s decision on masking. We provide masks in our building to anyone desiring one to wear.  We request that persons with Covid symptoms, a positive Covid test, or exposure to someone with Covid stay at home and self-quarantine. We urge the All Souls Church community to recognize that all persons may not feel comfortable touching, hugging, or shaking hands at All Souls Church events. We serve the Eucharist in individually sealed self-serve containers. We sanitize all toys used during childcare.

We are a diverse and varied group of believers in age, ethnicity, season of life, and marital status.  We are made up of charismatics and social-justice seekers; those certain of their faith, those who are deconstructing, and those who doubt.  We believe that, despite our differences, all things hold together and find unity in Jesus Christ.  Our hope is that we provide both a safe space for you to continue your journey of faith and a spiritual home with people that will walk alongside you.

Children bring joy and energy to our church family, and we love it!  For more information on specifics, click here.

The best way?  Just start showing up.  Sign up for the newsletter by clicking here.  Sign up for Pilgrimage, which is our program to introduce All Souls in much more depth; you’ll meet others looking to get connected.  Before you know it, you’ll be helping others get connected, too.