I was drawn to All Souls about 9-10 years ago by a friend who suggested it might be a good fit for me as a new church in my life.

Here at All Souls I quickly realized that there was a very accepting attitude that prevailed.  Lots of sincerity among the believers I was meeting. And I felt God’s presence even in the Square Room auditorium. That continues today in our wonderful permanent home on 5th Avenue.

God is at work at All Souls.   We may be small in numbers but there are many loving, faithful members.  We are far from perfect but many are making sincere efforts to grow in Christ.

I am currently volunteering at our neighborhood rescue shelter, Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM).  I “work” in the LaunchPoint program, which is a stabilization program where I have the privilege of helping with basic knowledge needed for a climb out of homelessness. The KARM staff promotes Christ’s love and guidance in an atmosphere that is caring and very real.

I especially enjoy my All Souls small faith group which often meets weekly.  Thank God for those loving friends.