We found All Souls Church through a friend who knew we were seeking a downtown church with a heart for the city. We began attending in 2007. We stayed because we found an authentic community that was on mission to seek the peace of the city as they went about their everyday lives. The focus was to live as one sent, in whatever arena God had placed you. We were also drawn to the liturgy and the focus on observing the liturgical calendar, which has added a richness and depth to our relationship with God.

We chose to found a nonprofit that focuses on urban blight and the housing crisis through which we help restore houses to their former glory, place good neighbors in them, and help strengthen those communities.

We would want others to know that All Souls is a body of believers that is grounded in the mystery of God and Scripture, yet open to embracing doubt, unafraid to ask questions, and learning how to listen well to God, to each other, and to our neighbors.