Engage on Non-Worship Times

Connect Outside Sundays

Beyond a few open-to-anyone small groups and our Sunday worship services, there are other opportunities to engage with our people in specific groups.

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All Souls offers many ways to connect outside Sundays that go unpublished here. Please subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page for further ways to connect.  

Prayer and study Meetings

We lift up to God our church body, our city, and each other in prayer and study when we meet in the All Souls Chapel.

Soul Mammas

Moms with a young baby interested in hanging out with other moms and their babies can hang out with the Soul Mammas. We meet once each week at varying locations. We talk about mom stuff, spiritual stuff, and have a desire to grow in prayer together. Please email Laura Cottrell here if you are interested.

Over 50 Men's Group

Over 50.jpg

For All Souls guys over 50 (or close to), bring a lunch and fellowship on Fridays at noon in the library, 3rd floor of 4MS.  Please email Doug here if you can come.  

Sunday Potluck

Sunday potluck happens every other week at Misha Testerman's house after our worship service. Watch for the announcement during the service or email Misha here.  

Youth Ministry

We want youth to know true friendship with God. Our times together attempt a fun and substantive approach to learning how to most fully experience that life. We strive to know God better as we spend time in prayer and studying the Bible, the story of God's self-revelation in the world. Additionally, we pursue our relationship with God during our times together outside of Bible study. We serve God by serving in our city.

As youth spend time with leaders and with others in our group, we also hope they find true friendships with other people. True friendships are those in which youth are edified, encouraged, and loved. We want youth to enjoy discovering how God has uniquely created each of them in Jesus Christ, and we hope they walk with each other and discover that freedom together.  If you have any further questions please email our youth director here.