Worship Service

Sunday Evening | 5 pm | The Square Room


Children's Ministry

Connect on Sundays

Our children's ministry focuses on a few simple but invaluable things. We want to create an atmosphere where children feel welcome and a part of our larger community. We want to teach them the truths of scripture, particularly that they are loved by God. We want to foster opportunities for them to grow in love and friendship with one another. Our deep desire is for them to come to know Christ and begin a lifelong journey of faith.

We have a nursery for babies under 1. We offer two classes for 1 to 2-year olds that meet during the whole service on the 3rd floor. Children between the ages of 3 and 11 stay for the first part of the service and then come upstairs for a time of Bible stories, songs, and fun.

If you have questions about what your child would experience at All Souls, please email Melanie Leach at keepingheart@gmail.com.

Prayer before and during Service

We lift up to God our church body and the service in the All Souls Chapel one hour before the service. Join us then for prayer, or come up to our prayer teams on either side of the stage any Sunday night for a time of intercession.

Sending out with a blessing

When you move away from the All Souls community, we want to offer you a blessing. Whether this means a permanent move or temporary travel, email Jesse so we may celebrate with you in the context of our family worship.