10 to the City Partners

All Souls seeks less to create programs than to invest our time, energy, and other resources where God is already at work in the city. The people of All Souls Church use their individual capabilities and resources, joining the myriad of existing organizations, events, and ministries in the city. We also allocate ten percent of our budget to non-profits that seek the peace of Knoxville. We call this 10 to the City, and our partners for the 2018-2020 cycle are as follows:

Bridge Refugee Services

Bridge is committed to providing protection and assistance in refugees’ inspiring journey. Bridge recognizes their plight, their resilience and their willingness to join our community and make it their own. Bridge’s Core Values: Welcoming the stranger is a duty and a privilege. Service. Accountability. Dignity of all people. Collaboration with community. Bridge’s Vision: That refugees resettled in East Tennessee will find a secure path towards self-sufficiency and fulfill their American dreams within a supportive community.

Bridge plans to use the funds to support their clients who are single mothers and to enhance their early-employment program. Despite their eagerness to work, single mothers struggle to find employment that aligns with available childcare options. All Souls' funds will be used to help with rental expenses and childcare costs while the clients look for work. The rest of the money will be used to support our Match Grant early employment program which assists refugees to become financially self sufficient within the first six months in Knoxville. Funds will be used to purchase bus passes, interview clothing, and other items which enhance the client's employability.

Campus House of Prayer

Campus House of Prayer at UTK is a direct response to this “crisis of faith” at Tennessee’s flagship University campus. They believe that students, faculty and administrators who embrace Christ’s love, morality, and Biblical truth provide sound moral, mental and intellectual foundation for our institutions of higher learning, enhance the welfare, safety and well-being of the entire community; promote greater understanding and trust through mutuality and collaboration; and serve as an antidote to the compartmentalization of contemporary education. Their goal is to form Christ-centered partnerships that identify and address these and other important social, spiritual and moral issues affecting campus and civic community life; pray for and declare the gospel of Jesus in every academic discipline, club, residence, team, and context; and provide mentoring specifically designed to help students thrive in their faith, whether in the classroom or, eventually, in the marketplace.

10 to the City funding will benefit the CHOP’s mission greatly by providing resources to expand their visibility (i.e., a part-time media internship program designed to help more students learn about the CHOP, find them, and take advantage of their training, mentoring programs and 24/7 prayer rooms), provide seed funding for several new faith initiatives (i.e., spiritual mentorship and training for over 1,000 student military veterans at UT), and assist them with needed capital improvements to their facility that currently serves over a dozen Christ-centered collegiate ministries (i.e., a needed new roof for their building, a wireless printer, improved seating for their prayer rooms, and maintenance needed), in order to keep the CHOP facility functional and more operationally economical.)

Change Center

The Change Center will be a safe, strategically located, center-city partnership facility that provides relational, recreational, leadership development, and job initiatives for teens and young adults. The Change Center will feature a skating rink, a rock climbing wall, and a recording studio. The Change Center’s job initiatives will include job training and entry level jobs for young people within the Change Center, connection to jobs in the greater community, and entrepreneurial job creation.

The contribution would be used to provide recreational and employment opportunities for youth in East Knoxville by creating and maintaining our facility. The facility components will include: roller skating rink, multi-purpose sports venue, climbing wall, movie wall, concert stage, DJ/music mixing booth, video game center, Hard Knox Pizza and employee training center, birthday party/special event center, meeting space, and The Change Center Jobs Initiative (direct jobs, job connections, and entrepreneurship).             

InterFaith Health Clinic

The InterFaith Health Clinic is a non-profit in Knoxville, Tennessee that provides: medical care at an affordable price, dental care, mental health counseling and prescription medications for the working uninsured, low income, and underserved.

As an organization that seeks to help to hardworking individuals in need, InterFaith will use the grant from All Souls to provide direct patient care to the underserved. After accounting for donated goods and services, InterFaith can provide one patient visit for approximately $50. Each $50 invested by All Souls would allow one patient to receive treatment in an environment of love, empathy, and compassion. For instance, a $5,000 grant would be used to provide 100 comprehensive health care visits, which equates to nearly four full days of care at InterFaith. These visits would include the provision of medical care, dental care, mental health counseling, and access to prescription medications. In other words, a $5,000 gift from All Souls would mean that 100 individuals would have access to healthcare they can afford.

Next Phaze

Next Phaze empowers single moms ages 18-24 to strive for personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for them, for their children and community.  Next Phaze house is located at 2701 E. 5th Ave. Support (including housing) is provided on a 24 hour basis for up to 5 mothers and their children. They incorporate an in-house education program using certified instructors and mentors. It includes: family skills: parenting, cooking, cleaning. Education plan requires earning either an associate or technical degree while a resident. Money management skills and budget are taught and implemented. Wellness plans are developed for mother and child.

The 10 to the City grant will go to operational expenses at this time. Next Phaze is seeking and applying for grants and are developing a comprehensive program to become financially secure. It is their desire to offer this program to more young mothers on an “outpatient” basis.  

River & Rail Theatre Company

We are convinced that producing stories by and for diverse populations in our city will help bring more understanding and ultimately more peace to otherwise divided communities. To bring together these communities, River & Rail is implementing an unprecedented ticketing program. For every ticket purchased, River & Rail will donate a ticket through a local nonprofit organization to someone who would not otherwise be exposed to theatre.

River & Rail commits to using any and all 10-to-the-City funds towards advancing their unique ticket donation program. This program is at the heart of how they strive to seek the peace of our city. They strive to make their theater company and the shows they produce accessible to the widest range of communities in our city. A major part of this vision involves producing their shows in downtown Knoxville. By producing their shows downtown their shows remain accessible, inviting and safe for many different communities, in way that producing shows in West Knoxville, for example, just doesn’t. The 10-to-the-City grants will significantly contribute to their ability to continue to rent space downtown for their theater.